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Alpaca and Llama Shearing

Luby's Shearing is about family being together and working together!  Originated in 2012.


My homeschooled teenage daughter and son shear with me at nearly all locations.  My daughter helps place the alpaca and llama in the harness, and as a head holder she does an amazing job keeping the animals calm.  Jacob helps with harnessing, hoof trim, fiber collection, and equipment preparation.  We have been shearing for years and are a well-oiled team. My wife back home is staying one step ahead of us booking hotels and answering client emails while we are traveling. 

My wife manages most of the client communication and  logistics 

Alpaca and Llama shearing includes hooves and teeth.  If you have a few sheep we will shear them, too.  See our services page.


Luby’s Shearing, LLC Services

Contact us now to get on our 2022 Schedule!  Our shearing season is late March - July.  

For Alpaca and Llama  - we use a Large Animal Harness which lays the animal on the ground on soft mats for their comfort.  The harness ensures their safety and our safety.  Jacob Luby is our new sheep shearer!

  • Alpaca shearing includes hooves and teeth - $35/head

  • Llama shearing includes hooves and teeth - $50/head

  • Goat shearing  - $18/head

  • Sheep or Goat Hooves only -  $10/head

Travel fee:  separate fee determined at time and date of booking; based on shearing location.

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What our clients say:

"Jason Luby has been shearing my alpacas and llamas that are used in my USDA licensed petting zoo for years now , he is on time , professional and does an amazing job with my crew , he also trims their hooves and trims their teeth ! He is patient and treats my animals well . He cleans up behind his job and has very respectful teen helpers with him who are great in assisting with the animals so I can do other things I need to do . I highly recommend Jason to others for all their shearing needs ".  -- Mary Cox, Mary's Go Round

Jurgen commented:  "Did a great job here in Danville, Daughter can really keep the alpacas calm. Luby's Shearing has a great team helping..."


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